Tuesday, July 11, 2017

45. 7/3/2017 Week 45 (9th week in Gdansk): ...but a trillion lions


Transfer 4 (news and highlights):

-Today marks the start of my fifth transfer! Fifth. How? I am staying in Gdansk with Sister Munyan and we are the new STLs for the North Zone. President Turek called on Saturday and was like, " I know this makes no sense because you are finishing training, Sister Munyan is a very young missionary, and you are super sick....but it's what the Lord wants". Yay....mustard seed of faith....yay. 
-Elder Curtis got transferred this morning to Szczecin (cue the tears)...so we get to "babysit" Elder Dooley until Elder Baldwin comes in at 16:30 tonight. Party, party. Elder Curtis is a way solid missionary and friend. He will be greatly missed, that's for sure. 

-Creating Operation Dream Catcher (pictures attached)
-English Class. We tried to get really creative this transfer with our conversational English class. We played headbands, "contact!", did some mind games, challenge/curse, and more! Last week with our beginners class, we made some pb & j's. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The students had to explain every little step as if the chef, Elder Dooley, had never made a sandwhich before, including: how to pick up the knife, how to spread the peanut butter, how to hold the bread, how gently to place the jelly knife back in the jar, etc. It had Elder Dooley in tears, it was so funny. 
-A highlight for all the wrong reasons: When Elder Curtis threw a rotten banana at me through a 2 story window. I was so mad at him for that because I hate bananas more than anything...but it is something we can (kind of) laugh about now.
-Visiting with my sweet Marinella here in Gdansk. We do her dishes every week and she makes us the yummiest tea in the world. She has been sick lately, so we stopped by the other day to give her some soup. It happnened to be POURING outside (the streets were flooding, etc)...so she invited us in. She did what every grandma here does. She immediately roasted what I was wearing. "You mean to tell me you are wearing a short sleeve??? In the humid 30 degrees??? And in the rain??? Honey, you could die!!!" So, she sent me on my way with a grandma bucket hat, scarf, and some dry socks. I love her. 
-Trying to unite the branch.
-Culture Night--District takes on Malbork!

I was talking to another missionary here a few days ago and I was describing how I felt like I was failing and drowning a little bit...with all the responsibility, health issues, etc. And he said, "Sister, you have a lifeguard". That hit me like a ton of bricks! What was I thinking? I don't have to bare all this on my own! I learned that sometimes I have to stop treading water for a little bit and rely on the life preserver (atonement) to keep me afloat. 

This has easily been the hardest transfer of my mission, for multiple reasons. But I also have learned so, so much. 
I can't wait to see what transfer 5 has in store (birthday...year mark!!....baptism?!?). 

Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support!
I know I have angels around me and an army fighting with me back home!

siostra talia beem

ul. Wiertnieza 135, 1 Pietro
02-952 Warszawa Poland

In the Poland Warsaw mission the missionaries get to have a "culture activity" once a transfer (every 9 weeks--separate from p-day) so the Gdansk gang chose to go to Malbork, the largest castle in the world.  

Elder Curtis being transferred :(
Talia's operation "Dream Catcher"

Tuesday's endoscopy went much better than Monday's endoscopy...happy girl...thumbs up!


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