Tuesday, July 11, 2017

37. 5/8/2017 Week 37 (1st week in Gdansk): Whoa, Amber is the Color of Your Energy

Baby Onion, Fun-yan, Munyan. 
Drum Roll, please....I am training Siostra Munyan! She is from Virginia. She studied for a year at BYU-Hawaii. She is actually older than me (she turns 20 this Thursday!!). She is one of 15 kids--which explains a lot about her....she is super calm and is the most patient person I have ever met. She bore her testimony in church yesterday and killed it!! I can't wait to continue to work together and progress the work here in (beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL) Gdansk.

"Smile More" and Sara Bareilles:
I was feelin' the stress of traveling to a new city with 6 pieces of luggage, training, and white washing on Wednesday. I was sitting on the train and reading a language book and just couldn't seem to shake these nervous/stressy feelings. So, I said a prayer. I needed to know God new about the feelings I was having and that He was there for me. And you want to know what happened within the next 5 minutes? I looked over to the man across the aisle on the train from me. In that moment, he took off his sweatshirt and his t shirt read, "Relax, smile more"....and then seconds after that, his ringtone went off...it was "Brave" by Sara Bareilles. Now, they may have seemed like little things to everyone else...but those were little, simple ( and even cheesy!) reminders that God is aware of us and our needs and that He listens & answers our prayers.
I love this work. I love Gdansk. I love my district. I love the members. I (am learning to) love Polish. I love my little companion. I love this gospel. And I love you!

"g'day in gdansk!"
siostra talia beem

ul. Wiertnieza 135, 1 Pietro
02-952 Warszawa Poland

Mom note:  In regards to Talia's title for the week, Gdansk is famous for its amber.  Called Baltic Gold, "amber is the surviving resin of ancient trees which over millions of years has been covered by sediment and compressed by rock movement and glaciers where chemical processes we are unable to comprehend take place."  

I'm pretty sure this was Talia's "Welcome to Gdansk" celebration!

Talia meeting her trainee from the MTC, Siostra Munyan.

With Siostra Rawson (one of her MTC comps).

The Gdansk waterfront.

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