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32. 4/3/17 Week 32 (23rd week in Warsaw): Boni

On Thursday, Sister Stahl and I went on a roadtrip with Elder Ashworth and Adriano. We went about two hours outside of Warsaw to a tiny little farm town (and I mean TINY---super sketchy cobblestone roads, etc) to visit a family in our branch. They had a teenage neighbor over who we got to teach the restoration lesson to. The Spirit was there and we had a good conversation about the Gospel. I am learning to see the importance of member missionary work--it is an incredible thing--I am already seeing many miracles because of it! 

Wondering what "boni" is? It, according to Elder Adriano, is the plural form of "bonus". 

Not a whole lot to report on this...but it has been beautiful weather all week and I am one happy girl because of it :) 

Thought of the Week:
I just read President Eyring's talk he gave at Women's Conference. I really like what he said, "Wherefore, my beloved brethren [and sisters], pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons [and daughters] of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure” (Moroni 7:45–48).
This is the goal that your Father in Heaven has for you, His precious daughters. It may seem to you like a distant goal, but from His perspective, you’re not that far away. So He visits you with His Spirit to comfort you, encourage you, and inspire you to keep going. I leave you my sure witness that the Father knows you—knows your needs and your name—loves you, and hears your prayers. His Beloved Son is inviting you to come unto Him. And They send the Holy Ghost to attend you in your efforts to serve others for Them". 
You CAN feel the peace and love the Spirit can bring--pray for it--seek it! 
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Road Trip pics...

Mom:  That is a big group.  That would scare me!
Talia:  It is pretty scary!! But it is so awesome....We just play games and talk and laugh....a lot. 
But sometimes they ask me questions and I'm like "I have no idea...that's just the way it is!!'
English would be really hard to learn as a second language...

Comments from English class:)

Finally a sunny day in Warsaw!
We were able to meet the DeMordaunt family in Boise.  They were so wonderful!!!
Now we know why Tal loved Raquel so much!!!

Thist picture is of us and the University's student can see the Euro style in full effect, too. 

31. 3/27/17 Week 31 (22nd week in Warsaw): Surfing Couch

175 anniversary of Relief Society:
On Saturday, we had a Relief Society activity celebrating the 175th anniversary. We started out hearing from some of the sisters who spoke about the importance of Relief Society and visiting teaching. There was one sister's experience that really stuck out to me. This particular sister and her family travel around a lot, moving from country to country. A few years ago, they lived in central Africa and were the only members in the entire country. THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. Before that time, she never really thought of herself as someone who needed others help. But, when she was there....she felt different. She was in a lot of  ways alone. She said she didn't have as many friends, she didn't have spiritual support when she needed it, etc. She didn't realize how much she relied on the small and simple acts of other sisters in past wards. She promised herself that when they left central Africa, that she would never feel that way again--and to do her best to make sure nobody else feels that way, too. In Poland, there aren't a ton of sisters...but certainly more than just herself. She feels that through genuine friendship, service, and concern...we, as SISTERS, can be unified and strengthened together.

Idz Za Prorokiem: 
....aka: "Follow the Prophet". This month's theme in Primary is Follow the Prophet! Yesterday, we talked a lot about conference and what we can do to prepare. So, I encourage you to do the same! Go into conference with questions! Go into conference with an open heart! See how you can improve! I promise you will receive answers. 

-Our university English is still a hit!! (pics below). We are already seeing miracles galore because of this opportunity. 
-I put my city league skills to use and beat Bart in PIG. 
-There was a YSA conference in Warsaw this week. It was so awesome to meet all of the YSA's from all over Poland and do a finding activity with them. 

The sun is out...and I am HAPPY! God is good.
Have a great conference weekend! Eat some cinnamon rolls for me. 

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Bernardo Bellotto’s 18th century paintings of Warsaw were used to rebuild the city following
its destruction in the second world war.

Old Town Poland.  Most of Warsaw was destroyed during the war but they rebuilt parts of the city--so this "Old Town" is actually not as old as it looks.

"There are various legends about the Warsaw mermaid. The main one used in the City's literature and by tour guides says that the mermaid was swimming in the river when she stopped on a riverbank near the Old Town to rest. Liking it, she decided to stay. Local fishermen noticed that something was creating waves, tangling nets, and releasing their fish. They planned to trap the offender, but fell in love with her upon hearing her singing. Later, a rich merchant trapped the mermaid and imprisoned her. Hearing her cries, the fishermen rescued her, and ever since, the mermaid, armed with a sword and a shield, has been ready to help protect the city and its residents.
Sometimes this legend is expanded to say that the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is the Warsaw mermaid's sister and they went their separate ways from the Baltic Sea.
Another legend states that she assisted a prince when he got lost hunting and he founded the city in her honour."

Overlooking Warsaw from Stalin's Tower.

30. 3/20/17 Week 30 (21st week in Warsaw): Hide yo kids. Hide yo wife. Hide the sisters

"How do you know it is true?"
Sister Stahl and I got to translate senior primary yesterday! We were talking about the Book of Mormon. The primary teacher asked "How do you know the Book of Mormon is true? How do you feel when you read it?"
These are some the legitimate answers we got:
1. "I feel so good I......could.....EXPLODE" *screams*
2. "I know it is true because when I read it, I don't want to hit my brother"
3. " I like it more than I like Harry you could say that I really like it" *says some weird Harry Potter spell* *also is wearing a Gryffindor  tie*
4. "If I read it with a blanket on, I get sweaty because I am so warm" 
5. "I like it because my parents let me stay up 30 minutes later to read it"

When I read the Book of Mormon, I feel uplifted, peaceful, and just plain good. I know that good is super vague...but it is true! I don't know how else to describe it. I encourage you all to read this talk: It has been one of those go-to talks for me on my mission. 

Sports Saturday is a hit here in Warsaw! Sister Stahl and I are made capitans every week...I am pretty sure it is just so we don't get picked last...but anyways. I'll give you a glimpse of my "ideal team" (and why): Ashworth. I mean, he even has cleats. Also, he played club in Manchester so he smokes all of us. Scores about 94% of our goals. Yells good pointers during the game...basically coaches us. Competitive. Einfeldt: Best goalie around. He went so hard on Saturday that his leg was bleedin' like crazy. Solid kicks. Gets everyone up field. Haskett: Moves fast when he wants to. Solid passes. Always has a header shot on goal. Keeps things fun. Fast. Alvarez: Gets the team pumped up. Backup goalie. Slide tackles. Also fast. Ukranian Investigator #1: Fast footwork. Goes after any ball. Striker. Bart: Has more engergy than anyone I have ever met. Adriano: has "one solid play a game". Gets really competitive. Wears his Barca shirt to show he knows what he is doing.  Ukranian Investigator #2: Confident. Slightly cocky. But kinda has a right to be because he really is good. Tricks out the other team with his fancy footwork. 
And that, my friends, is how your team wins Sports Saturday. 

University English: 
...was BUMPIN'. Around 100 people showed up. 
We started in a big lecture hall and then divided into our individual classrooms. For the first week, we kept things simple: introductions, get to know you games, etc. This week will be a little bit more formal: grammer, conversation practice, vocab, etc. was a HIT. A lot of us already have gospel meetings set up, too. Also, we got invited to a university party. Maybe we need to review with them our purpose here one more time. I also had one of the most awkward hugs of my life. I went in for the handshake with a student and he did not. Major yikes. 

happy march madness!! 

Siostra Talia Beem

ul. Wiertnieza 135, 1 Pietro
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Proof that Sister Stahl and I are actually companions:

Attachments area

29. 3/14/17 Week 29 (20th week in Warsaw): Kangaroo Juice

Hey, ya'll!

Trust Fall:
So, the reason I am emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday is....we had zone training yesterday! We are having a mission-wide push on working with members. I can't wait to see how this goes! I know back home the missionaries would always be like, "hey, start thinking of someone you know that could benefit from our message" and I was always too scared to tell them anyone or thought my friends would think I'm weird for sending missionaries to their house or something. But now I see the purpose and benefit. We are working with members so that we can firstly increase their faith in Christ which in return will cause them to have a stronger desire to want to share His gospel with friends and family. We have lots of meetings with members this week--I can't wait to teach them and help them become better member missionaries! 
This was expressed during zone training in a funny analogy: they had Elder Erickson (a huuuge missionary) stand on a chair. Then, they had Elder Adriano and Elder Ashworth stand below him, acting as "missionaries". They then told Elder Erickson to fall backwards. He, very hesitant, did so. They caught him....but just enough to be barely off the ground. They then had several missionaries go up playing various roles such as "ward mission leader", "branch president", "member friend", etc in addition to the "missionaries". Then they told him to fall again. This time...he was fully supported. It made his decision to fall much easier. It is just like that in conversion with investigators. If they have friends and support at church, the decision to act is much easier! 

We start our English class at the University tonight....over 100 people singed up! So many people signed up, that we had to recruit the help of Elders Adriano, Ashworth, Alvarez, and Musgrave and split it into 3 levels! Stay tuned. 

-Women's day was so cute! Girls of every age were walking around town with flowers and smiles galore! Also, in the middle of the city, there was a little (well, actually, quite big) women's rally and there were hundreds of drunk women singing "Who Run the World (girls)" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Wooooo. (This one is for you, Adriano). 
-I had my first day in Poland (yes, since the end of October)...with no tights last week! But, all good things must come to an end. That only lasted a day. 
-I ate a mayo salad yesterday. If any of you really know me, you'll know that this is my worst nightmare...but...the gift of tongues is also for taste buds, I'm convinced. (Don't you dare think this was me telling you that it was delicious in any way). 


Every member a missionary!
Onward and Upward!

Siostra Talia Beem

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Pics: Hollister, "talia" aka "waist" in Polish, feed me carrots, Chopin's hair,

28. 3/6/17: Week 28 (19th week in Warsaw): You little pickle


"Time to leave the den, baby otter"
Those were Sister D's last words to me. It has been a great week with Sister Stahl. We planned out our transfer, and we are confident we are going to see miracles! It is funny getting used to a new person...their quirks, their level of cleanliness, how they teach, how they contact people on the streets, etc. It has been a great start of the transfer--I can't wait to see how things go here in Warsaw!
Miracle M:
We had another meeting with Miracle M this week. She is a sweetheart who has sincere questions. She texted me last week and asked if we could talk about the Kingdoms of Glory. This honestly worried me because she likes to go deep into doctrine and speaks really fast. And my only-being-in-poland-for-4-months-and-having-a-new-companion-self was terrified. But, oh my goodness, prayer is a real thing! I said words that I didn't even know were words, I understood her questions (the gift of tongues is also understanding), and I lead the whole lesson! God is good and wants to help us. The lesson went great and she is continuing to progress and come unto Christ!
So, I have been meeting with this Ukranian college student for a few months now. She met with missionaries in the Ukraine and is waiting for her boyfriend to come baptize her here. Anwyays, she reached out to me last week and asked if we could come teach an English class at her universtiy. After talking with our mission president about it, he agreed (as long as we kept our purpose in mind, duh!). We went and took a tour this week and got a bunch of "university of warsaw: school of manegement" gear. We have a legit classroom and everything. Anyways, we got our picture taken and then she put up flyers. I was thinkin' like 10 people were going to sign up. Nope. She called me last night and told me that 71 people signed up. So, we are being moved to a lecture hall. Honestly, I am a little scared. But I'm excited about how many people will come in contact with the church because of this. Sister D and I always talked about that even if they don't want to learn about the gospel, they will see our tags and our smiles and they will know that we are happy people...espeically when we serve!
-This week is Women's day (March 8) make sure and treat yo self, ladies. Or, as a billboard in the middle of the city says, "everyday is women's day"...yeah! feminism!
-I had my first dream in Polish. 
- Yesterday was beautiful! It was my warmest day in Poland yet! It was 52 degrees!! We contacted in a nearby (HUGE) park. There was a fair going on, too... so there were people galore. The only bad part? There were waffle and pierogi stands everywhere...and it was fast Sunday

Thanks for your love and prayers. I love and miss you all!
Siostra Talia Beem

ul. Wiertnieza 135, 1 Pietro
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telefon: 48-22-665-9892
Pics: Fat Thursday paczki lines! Portland shirt in the polish store Tesco (a Costco equivalent...kinda). 

Always excited to find a little bit of home in Poland.

English class...
Super creepy mermaid on the wall above the bed...
Tal's 2nd apartment in Warsaw...pretty nice!!!

Paczki lines on Fat Tuesday (the day before Lent)