Tuesday, July 11, 2017

43. 6/19/2017 Week 43 (7th week in Gdansk): Endoscopy

Mom note:  No letter from Tal this week as well.  She had an endoscopy on Monday the 19th.  They didn't use any anesthesia, sedatives or numbing for the throat.  She was scared out of her mind and she started throwing up so much that they had to reschedule for the next day.  I was able to talk to her that night and she was struggling.  She said it was the single worst day of her life.  Tuesday's endoscopy went much better (because they put her completely out).  

Tal's email after Tuesday:

Hey ya'll,

I just got done with my endoscopy. All went well. MUCH better doctor and atmosphere this time. I had to get 2 IVs because I was so dehydrated...but anything to make yesterday not happen again. 

He took 8 clippings of my intestine/duodenum (sp?).
Sister Turek was in the room while they did it--she is brave! 
He did say that part of it was inflamed--but he wrote up a report in Polish so a member here is going to translate it and let me know ASAP what it said. He said that I did not have an ulcer. He said I will get my results in 2-3 weeks. 

Super nice...I feel like we are on a good path now. 

The AMA is making me get 4 more blood tests tomorrow morning before I leave. To test my iron, thyroid, etc. 

I love you guys. Thank you for everything...sorry for the breakdown yesterday. 

I have that mustard seed. 
If I don't get to talk to you/email you before Friday--safe travels.
Kocham cie <3


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