Monday, October 31, 2016

10. Week 10(first week in Poland): I have an accent

Cześć Wam!
Who, What, Where: 
Who: Sister DeMordaunt (from Idaho!) and Sister Beem (more to come down below)
What: Preachin' the gospel to the people of Poland. 
Where: Warsaw, baby! Wooooo!!!
Smile and nod:
So my interactions with people go a little something like this, "Good Day/Hello. Excuse me, sir/miss. We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints" then I look at Sister D because I don't know what is said on either side after that. Then I just smile and nod. It's a good little system we have down.

Sister D and Sister B take on the Big City....kinda rhymes, right?
Sister D is like my favorite human ever. She reminds me a lot of my girl Ally back home. We're going to have a lot of fun this transfer together, I can already tell! And we both are obsessed with Christmas so that is a huge bonus and blessing. She was so patient with me and my random naps this week. We'd be having a full on conversations and then like 12 seconds later, I'd just be passed out (jet lag and talia did not have a good relationship). She's an incredible teacher and I can't wait to learn from her. We're teaching some really amazing people right now and Sister D is doing so well taking the lead. People are being prepared here! I can see it! I have already seen it!

-I was told I have an accent! My dream finally came true!
-I got to speak (share my testimony) in sacrament one of the biggest congregations (50ish people) in Poland. Let's just say it was short and sweet :)
-It is way colder here than I expected it to be. Ah. Apparently it's going to be a crazy winter!
-The food is to die for. Everyone, pray I don't gain weight! Sometimes the meat is a little sketchy or I have absolutely no idea what I'm eating...but I just close my eyes and chew...and about 8/10 it's super good!! 
-I will honestly be so surprised if I make it my whole mission without getting hit my a car. The drivers are like Utah drivers on steroids...yikes. And for some reason, Polish sidewalks are placed in the most inconvenient places on the busiest streets. Don't worry, mom :))
-Polish people park wherever they want. And they get away with it. 

I love it here! I'M SO HAPPY. The church is true! 
Siostra Beem <3
Siostra Talia Beem
Poland Warsaw Mission
ul. Wiertnicza 135
02-952 Warszawa

One last MTC District picture...
Oh, wait...this is the last one!
The first of many Paczki!

Image result for famous white cathedral in Warsaw

 World War II and then today...

New food!

Aren't these 2 THE CUTEST???
Siostra DeMourdaunt is from Boise--Tal LOVES her!!!
It is such a blessing to have her as a trainer:)
(In the front of Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science--aka, Stalin's Tower)
(an unwanted gift from Satlin--haha)

In the streets of Warsaw!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

9. Week 9 MTC: We're Soarin', Flyin'

Cześć Wam!

42 hours from RIGHT NOW...we leave the motherland:
....but who's counting? 42 hours from right now, all 10 of us Polski's will be heading to the airport to start our journey in Poland. I can't wait to share the gospel with the Poles! I already love them so much. In class this week, we focused a lot on Polish history and culture. They are a resilient and mighty people! It is an honor to serve them. 
Side note: I'm going to miss the Starszy's so much :( Cue the tears. 

My "moment":
In our final class with Siostra Cheney (one of our teachers) last night, she told us that there are going to be times on the mission when we will seriously want to come home. Things will get too hard. But then she told us to think of a moment that we KNEW that we should go on a mission or that Poland was where we were supposed to go and refer to those moments when times get hard. That moment for me was opening my mission call and reading the words "Poland Warsaw". That is going to be my moment! That was the most content feeling I have ever felt. 

BYU Police: 
Australian Handball has been a Branch 12 tradition since before we even got here. While we were playing yesterday, a BYU "police officer" (I don't actually know if they're actually Police or like rent-a-cops....anyways) rolled up in a golf cart and told us that we couldn't play it outside anymore? And then he asked for our district number and told us he had to report us for "outside horseplay"...I'm just trying to exercise and not gain weight, officer, that's all. 

I read a talk by Carol McConkie this week that has impacted me a bunch! She said, "Prayer is a gift from God...our prayers become a lifeline of love and tender mercy... We need never feel lost or alone. I testify that every moment of precious prayer can be holy time spent with our Father". Prayer is a conversation with our Father! He is literally our Father in Heaven. Just like how our earthly fathers want to know how we're doing and feeling, so does He. He WANTS to talk to us and bless us. He WANTS to hear about our day and all the little things in with him! He listens. 

Here we go.....let the adventure begin!! 

Pa Pa! Love and miss you all!​​
Siostra Beem <3

"So photogenic"

"Our zone before the Croatians and Slovene's left (it's about half the size now).  Rassy and I always #BlessingUp"

Sestra Hall and Sestra Kane

"Elder Bertolli and I (from the Wilsonville Ward back home!)"

"Can you tell we love Fall?"

"We tried to make this the most uncomfortable pic ever.  Also, Starsi Hanks is on the cover of the New Era this month...check it out!"

"Pa-pa Sister Cheney"

Add caption

"Pa-pa Brat Smalley!  Thanks for the all the times I had a mental breakdown in front of you!!"

Saturday, October 15, 2016

8. Week 8 MTC: Miał do Meow

Cześć Wam!!!

Mormon Celebrities: Elder Bednar!
I think we broke a record here at the MTC for how many apostles we've had the opportunity to hear from during our 9 week stay (typically, the MTC only hears from an apostle about once every 3 months--we're so blessed and lucky!). ELDER BEDNAR came on Tuesday. Wow, I love him. He and his wife talked to us about how we can get the most out of general conference. He told us how he reads and studies past conference talks. I don't know about you, but I definitely want to study the words of prophets and apostles LIKE an apostle does. He gets a piece of paper and draws out these three columns: Doctrine/Principle, Invitation, and Promised Blessings. He prayerfully studies the talk(s) and fills the paper out based on the actual words of the talk, his thoughts, his feelings, his impressions, etc. 
I studied a talk using this format this week....and I got SO much more out of it. Don't just! Elder Bednar said two things that stuck out to me, "What we learn in general conference should be our 'walk & talk' for the next 6 months" and, "Heaven coordinates conference and its themes". 

I never thought this day would actually come. But it finally did. FLIGHT PLANS, BABY. WOOOOO!!! 9 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAY!!
The travel office assigns a "travel leader" to the group based on alphabetical order. So, our travel leader is Starszy Adriano....but because my last name starts with a B...that makes me assistant TO the travel leader, right? 
We're all so excited...can you tell? (pics below). 

My motto of the week:
"So Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever" -Jeffrey R. Holland

-This week, we learned "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" in Polish! I was like, "if a Polish 3 y/o can sing this...I can sing this!!" (picture of the lyrics below)
-We went off campus again...and...wait for it, I SAW A DOG FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2 MONTHS. I think I cried. 

Pa Pa! Love and miss you all!​​
Siostra Beem <3

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Sister Talia Murphy Beem
2005 N 900 E Unit  45
Provo UT 84602

Out in the "real world" for her follow up foot appointment...
She was SO excited to see a dog:)

"Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam"

Flight plans in hand... They leave Monday, October 24th.  They fly through Chicago
and Amsterdam and then on to Warsaw.  No music, no phones, no movies--might be a long flight!!!

A highlight for them is to take "temple walks" across the street from the MTC.  

Halloween Waxed lips...

More "flight plans" pics...

Siostra's Rawson and Beem...I assume Larsen is taking the picture:)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

7. Week 7 MTC: Old People Jello

Cześć wam! 

Week 7 was a crazy one: crazy good, crazy bad, crazy happy, and crazy sad. 

President Wiseman:
On Thursday morning, our whole zone got called out of class for an emergency meeting with our first councilor in our branch presidency. He, with a saddened voice, explained that earlier that morning, our branch president (President Wiseman) had passed away. We were all devastated and shocked. Our branch presidency is our family away from home here at the MTC. We were all crying and then we realized, "This isn't what President Wiseman would want!! He'd want us to get back to work!!" So we did. But first, we made a list of four things we were going to do to honor him throughout our missions. 
1. Strict Obedience--be punctual!
2. Love others-- support, uplift, and respect everyone. 
3. Enjoy the little things--Find God's had in our lives and BE GRATEFUL for all we have. Stop to smell the roses. Be positive. 
4. Be humble and have humility--Daily repentance. How can I change and be better each and every day? 
All of the above goals were things that President Wiseman did everyday. He was the best and he will surely be missed by all he interacted with. My testimony of the Plan of Salvation has grown so much the past couple of months. It truly is a plan of happiness! We know where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going! How special? I can't wait to share that with the Poles! This is the sole reason that I am okay being away from my family for so long--so that others can be with theirs for eternity! 

Old People Jello:
At dinner the other night, Starszy Barlow sat next to me and was trying to describe what his dessert was,"You's like that old people Jello"....I was like, "Tapioca?"...and he said,"YES!". Oh, Barlow. 

Moving Day!!! Again!!!!:
Remember how we had to move out of 17M because of the bats about a month and a half ago? Well, this morning, we GOT (I'm working on my attitude, guys) the opportunity to move back. With 2 weeks left! But hey, we get good showers again.... so I'm a happy camper. AAAAND all of the Elders in our zone helped us move bright and early this morning--how nice! (pic of rassy and barlow helping below). 

Piano Time:
I used to go to choir. And then I realized I can't sing or harmonize or any of that stuff. So I stopped going. So now, during choir times, some of us go and sit in a room and listen to St. Stokes and Rassy play the piano. I think I fall asleep 9/10 times because it's so beautiful. And I'm always tired. Buuuut boy, do we have a talented district! I love them. 

Skype TRC:
I'm sorry, I honestly don't know what TRC stands for. But this week, we got to skype natives and teach them a lesson! Scary stuff. And jeez louise!.... they speak FAST and with HEAVY accents. 
The real deal is coming soon--16 days!!! (But who's counting? ME!!!). I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pa Pa! Love and miss you all!
Siostra Beem <3

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Sister Talia Murphy Beem
2005 N 900 E Unit  45
Provo UT 84602


Saturday, October 1, 2016

6. Week 6 MTC: Foot Model

Cześć wam!

Off Campus Adventure!!! (for an unfortunate cause):
On Tuesday, Sister Rawson and I went off campus because....(drum roll, please)...I had an ingrown toenail!! Yay!! Ewww!!  The podiatrist talked me through the whole process and reassured me that in just a few short weeks I could go back to my foot modeling career--phew! (he was trying to make me laugh despite my extreme fear of needles). Sister Rawson deserves the biggest shout-out for being so patient with me. She was so cute--she stroked my arm the entire time during my mini-procedure! (Pictures of the real world below!)

General Conference: aka Christmas for missionaries (and everyone).
Watching General Conference this time around was in a much different setting than "normal". It wasn't filled with bean bags, cinnamon rolls, and pajamas....rather, it was filled with cold cereal, hard bleacher seats, Sunday dress clothes, and a thousand missionaries. However, the Spirit was so strong. It was so special! A thousand of us! All in one purpose--to take these messages from our modern day prophet and his apostles to the rest of the world! None of this goes without mentioning Starszy Dickson and his incredible ability to somehow sneak a full-size blanket in under his suit coat. 

Sister Lewis shout-out: 
This week in one of our lessons, our investigator had a difficult question pertaining to the Plan of Salvation. She wanted instant biblical proof of her question. *a full minute passed trying to find a verse*. When we were desperate for SOMETHING to say...some verse to read...I said a quick prayer...and then all of a sudden 2 scripture mastery scriptures popped in my head--they were JUST what she needed! I'm so grateful for Sister Lewis and her loving pressure for us to learn all these in high school!! They saved me this week. They answered her questions! Learn them, learn them, learn them!! 

Star Wars Trivia :
-In one of the Star Wars movies, Jabba the Hutt says "o co chodzi" as Leia knocks on his door. "O Co Chodzi" is Polish! It means: "What are you getting at?" Ahahh. I always thought Jabba was just speaking jibberish--nope, Polish! Basically the same thing, right?

-Missy leaves this week :( My district has grown to love this cute little roommate of mine. Whenever anyone sees her they say, "SISTER BEEM. Look, look, look! It's Missy!!!"--even during conference today when she was singing in Salt Lake on the big screen. 
-Sister Rawson got first place in handball this week...and I got second...HOLLA. #siostrapower

Have a wonderful conference weekend--ask Him how you can CHANGE!
I love you all! I miss you all!

Pa Pa!
Siostra Beem <3

Write me or "dearelder" me! 
Sister Talia Murphy Beem
2005 N 900 E Unit  45
Provo UT 84602

Mom note:  The real hero here is Sister Rawson.  Talia worked as a Phlebotomist this year and she STILL freaks out with needles (she's fine doing the poking, she just doesn't like being poked).
With Starszy's Theriault, Adriano, and Barlow

How everyone feels when Uctdorf speaks...

When they moved from the bats, they Sisters took over a men's dorm...

The Siostra's room...not bad!  They even have a pumpkin, how cute is that?

With Missy...Tal is sure going to miss seeing her!

Mom note:  I found these vintage ties, "deconstructed them" and made them skinnier
and then I sewed a little Polish flag inside (grateful they have a nice, easy, simple flag).  They are going to wear them every Friday:)  This made me cry happy tears...

The Starszys...
Home Pics...
Happy to turn that 8 into a 7...(although I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being
a missionary mom--wouldn't want her anywhere else).

This was originally up for her farewell but we haven't taken it down.  I think we
will just keep it up for the next 17 months.  Our neighbors might think we are a
little weird...