Tuesday, July 11, 2017

42. 6/12/2017 Week 42 (6th week in Gdansk): Feeling sick (boo)/ DeMordaun'ts came to visit and playing with kittens (yay)

Mom note:  No letter from Talia this week.  She has been sick for about 2 months with stomach issues.  She's been to the doctor twice and is on 3 prescription medications (that don't seem to be working).  She has an endoscopy scheduled for next Monday in Warsaw.  Cross your fingers that they can figure out what is going on.  

Here is the last simple little email that she sent after many back-and-forth emails trying to ease her frustrations and fears about her illness.  

"Love you"

Here are some pics of the week.  Tal's first companion (her trainer) and her family came to Poland to visit (she went home in early May). I know it was a much needed boost for her:)

Playing with kittens:)

Members in Gdansk

Saying "goodbye" to the DeMordaunts

She said "I lost it" when Dr. DeMordaunt hugged me, "It was so embarrassing".

The DeMordaunt's took the Gdansk gang out to dinner!

In the streets of Gdansk.

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