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28. 3/6/17: Week 28 (19th week in Warsaw): You little pickle


"Time to leave the den, baby otter"
Those were Sister D's last words to me. It has been a great week with Sister Stahl. We planned out our transfer, and we are confident we are going to see miracles! It is funny getting used to a new person...their quirks, their level of cleanliness, how they teach, how they contact people on the streets, etc. It has been a great start of the transfer--I can't wait to see how things go here in Warsaw!
Miracle M:
We had another meeting with Miracle M this week. She is a sweetheart who has sincere questions. She texted me last week and asked if we could talk about the Kingdoms of Glory. This honestly worried me because she likes to go deep into doctrine and speaks really fast. And my only-being-in-poland-for-4-months-and-having-a-new-companion-self was terrified. But, oh my goodness, prayer is a real thing! I said words that I didn't even know were words, I understood her questions (the gift of tongues is also understanding), and I lead the whole lesson! God is good and wants to help us. The lesson went great and she is continuing to progress and come unto Christ!
So, I have been meeting with this Ukranian college student for a few months now. She met with missionaries in the Ukraine and is waiting for her boyfriend to come baptize her here. Anwyays, she reached out to me last week and asked if we could come teach an English class at her universtiy. After talking with our mission president about it, he agreed (as long as we kept our purpose in mind, duh!). We went and took a tour this week and got a bunch of "university of warsaw: school of manegement" gear. We have a legit classroom and everything. Anyways, we got our picture taken and then she put up flyers. I was thinkin' like 10 people were going to sign up. Nope. She called me last night and told me that 71 people signed up. So, we are being moved to a lecture hall. Honestly, I am a little scared. But I'm excited about how many people will come in contact with the church because of this. Sister D and I always talked about that even if they don't want to learn about the gospel, they will see our tags and our smiles and they will know that we are happy people...espeically when we serve!
-This week is Women's day (March 8) make sure and treat yo self, ladies. Or, as a billboard in the middle of the city says, "everyday is women's day"...yeah! feminism!
-I had my first dream in Polish. 
- Yesterday was beautiful! It was my warmest day in Poland yet! It was 52 degrees!! We contacted in a nearby (HUGE) park. There was a fair going on, too... so there were people galore. The only bad part? There were waffle and pierogi stands everywhere...and it was fast Sunday

Thanks for your love and prayers. I love and miss you all!
Siostra Talia Beem

ul. Wiertnieza 135, 1 Pietro
02-952 Warszawa Poland
telefon: 48-22-665-9892
Pics: Fat Thursday paczki lines! Portland shirt in the polish store Tesco (a Costco equivalent...kinda). 

Always excited to find a little bit of home in Poland.

English class...
Super creepy mermaid on the wall above the bed...
Tal's 2nd apartment in Warsaw...pretty nice!!!

Paczki lines on Fat Tuesday (the day before Lent)

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