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30. 3/20/17 Week 30 (21st week in Warsaw): Hide yo kids. Hide yo wife. Hide the sisters

"How do you know it is true?"
Sister Stahl and I got to translate senior primary yesterday! We were talking about the Book of Mormon. The primary teacher asked "How do you know the Book of Mormon is true? How do you feel when you read it?"
These are some the legitimate answers we got:
1. "I feel so good I......could.....EXPLODE" *screams*
2. "I know it is true because when I read it, I don't want to hit my brother"
3. " I like it more than I like Harry you could say that I really like it" *says some weird Harry Potter spell* *also is wearing a Gryffindor  tie*
4. "If I read it with a blanket on, I get sweaty because I am so warm" 
5. "I like it because my parents let me stay up 30 minutes later to read it"

When I read the Book of Mormon, I feel uplifted, peaceful, and just plain good. I know that good is super vague...but it is true! I don't know how else to describe it. I encourage you all to read this talk: It has been one of those go-to talks for me on my mission. 

Sports Saturday is a hit here in Warsaw! Sister Stahl and I are made capitans every week...I am pretty sure it is just so we don't get picked last...but anyways. I'll give you a glimpse of my "ideal team" (and why): Ashworth. I mean, he even has cleats. Also, he played club in Manchester so he smokes all of us. Scores about 94% of our goals. Yells good pointers during the game...basically coaches us. Competitive. Einfeldt: Best goalie around. He went so hard on Saturday that his leg was bleedin' like crazy. Solid kicks. Gets everyone up field. Haskett: Moves fast when he wants to. Solid passes. Always has a header shot on goal. Keeps things fun. Fast. Alvarez: Gets the team pumped up. Backup goalie. Slide tackles. Also fast. Ukranian Investigator #1: Fast footwork. Goes after any ball. Striker. Bart: Has more engergy than anyone I have ever met. Adriano: has "one solid play a game". Gets really competitive. Wears his Barca shirt to show he knows what he is doing.  Ukranian Investigator #2: Confident. Slightly cocky. But kinda has a right to be because he really is good. Tricks out the other team with his fancy footwork. 
And that, my friends, is how your team wins Sports Saturday. 

University English: 
...was BUMPIN'. Around 100 people showed up. 
We started in a big lecture hall and then divided into our individual classrooms. For the first week, we kept things simple: introductions, get to know you games, etc. This week will be a little bit more formal: grammer, conversation practice, vocab, etc. was a HIT. A lot of us already have gospel meetings set up, too. Also, we got invited to a university party. Maybe we need to review with them our purpose here one more time. I also had one of the most awkward hugs of my life. I went in for the handshake with a student and he did not. Major yikes. 

happy march madness!! 

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