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29. 3/14/17 Week 29 (20th week in Warsaw): Kangaroo Juice

Hey, ya'll!

Trust Fall:
So, the reason I am emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday is....we had zone training yesterday! We are having a mission-wide push on working with members. I can't wait to see how this goes! I know back home the missionaries would always be like, "hey, start thinking of someone you know that could benefit from our message" and I was always too scared to tell them anyone or thought my friends would think I'm weird for sending missionaries to their house or something. But now I see the purpose and benefit. We are working with members so that we can firstly increase their faith in Christ which in return will cause them to have a stronger desire to want to share His gospel with friends and family. We have lots of meetings with members this week--I can't wait to teach them and help them become better member missionaries! 
This was expressed during zone training in a funny analogy: they had Elder Erickson (a huuuge missionary) stand on a chair. Then, they had Elder Adriano and Elder Ashworth stand below him, acting as "missionaries". They then told Elder Erickson to fall backwards. He, very hesitant, did so. They caught him....but just enough to be barely off the ground. They then had several missionaries go up playing various roles such as "ward mission leader", "branch president", "member friend", etc in addition to the "missionaries". Then they told him to fall again. This time...he was fully supported. It made his decision to fall much easier. It is just like that in conversion with investigators. If they have friends and support at church, the decision to act is much easier! 

We start our English class at the University tonight....over 100 people singed up! So many people signed up, that we had to recruit the help of Elders Adriano, Ashworth, Alvarez, and Musgrave and split it into 3 levels! Stay tuned. 

-Women's day was so cute! Girls of every age were walking around town with flowers and smiles galore! Also, in the middle of the city, there was a little (well, actually, quite big) women's rally and there were hundreds of drunk women singing "Who Run the World (girls)" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Wooooo. (This one is for you, Adriano). 
-I had my first day in Poland (yes, since the end of October)...with no tights last week! But, all good things must come to an end. That only lasted a day. 
-I ate a mayo salad yesterday. If any of you really know me, you'll know that this is my worst nightmare...but...the gift of tongues is also for taste buds, I'm convinced. (Don't you dare think this was me telling you that it was delicious in any way). 


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