Thursday, December 29, 2016

18: Week 18 (9th week in Warsaw--end of first transfer): "I'm an Aunt"


Well, we got transfer calls yesterday. Sister DeMordaunt has never stayed with a companion more than one transfer, and has never stayed in an area more than 2 transfers (she's already been in Warsaw for 2). So, naturally, we thought this was it. BUT NOPE. We're staying in WARSAW.....TOGETHER *christmas miracle*. Buuuuut, that's not it. Warsaw 1 and Warsaw 2 branches are combining the beginning of February, so President Turek pulled the Warsaw 1 sisters Sister D and I are the only Sisters for ALL of Warsaw. So...we're staying and white washing?? We are so excited. We are ready to teach this whole city!

The DeMordaunt Bloodline:
On the mission, your trainer is known as your "mom". So, that makes Sister DeMordaunt my mom (lucky me!). However, Sister DeMordaunt has trained someone else before me. Her name is Sister Groesbeck. Sister Groesbeck just found out yesterday that she is training....which means...I'm an aunt and Sister D is a grandma! Aw. Our little family is growing. 

Chocolate vs. Dr. Pepper:
Well, Ola chose. She chose chocolate. The week before Christmas. But, we made a promise: If we didn't eat chocolate for 3 days, she couldn't drink coffee for 3. SHE DID IT! Worth it? Yes. 100%. Would I do it again? Sure thing. Anything to have someone you teach come closer to Christ!

Gettin' hit with the Duch:
On Saturday (Christmas Eve!), there was a baptism in Warsaw 2! Jan was ready in every way to be baptized. When he came out of the font, he literally let out a sigh, like, "ahhhh". That's what baptism should be--full of happiness and new beginnings! He just kept telling us how happy and good he felt. I honestly don't know if I've felt the Spirit more in my entire life. 

-An American family gave us JIF peanut butter.  And Lucky Charms (tbt to the MTC). I think I had literal tears. 
-I got a pug hug.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Thank you for all of your love and support!
Siostra Beem

Warsaw II District (DeMordaunt taking picture) with Bart.

The Warsaw II District

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