Monday, December 12, 2016

16. Week 16 (7th week in Warsaw): "Vent in de Voods"


"Vent in de Voods":
Yesterday was a special day for our little Warsaw 2 branch. We had a PRIMARY PROGRAM! It was just about the cutest thing in the world. Hearing 3 year olds sing in Polish? Yep, nothing cuter. In Polish (and Ukrainian), "W"s are pronounced like "V"s. There is a little Ukrainian boy that wanted to give his primary program talk in English. His topic was the first vision. He said, "Joseph Smith vent in de voods to pray!". I just about died. It was the cutest thing ever. Vent or Went, Voods or Woods, the message was still the same!

" a straight up slayer" -Elder Haskett:
Andrzej, andrzej, andrzej. 
After contacting at the same metro stop for almost an entire transfer, you start to notice the same, well, nightly drunks. Andrzej is one of them. We normally try to avoid him as much as possible because he always causes trouble where we contact (punching people, yelling at people, etc). On Monday, Sister DeMordaunt and I were talking to someone and all of a sudden I see Andrzej out of the corner of my eye standing right next to me. I was like *act cool, act cool, act cool* while making the You-Better-Come-Help-Us look to the Elders. Elder Haskett and Barlow picked up on my silent plea for help and came to the rescue. They started talking to him about Christmas, his family, etc. 
.....I looked back at them a few minutes later and Andrzej is IN Elder Haskett's arms crying about his life. Haskett was even rubbing his back! All he wanted (and needed) was some Haskett love and advice. Ever since, he's been a gem. And he loves Mormons. (pics below--sorry our eyes are SO squinty). 

"Chyba tak...?":
Caroling season is in full swing! It was my turn on the domophone (what we call into to get into apartment buildings). A guy answered and I was like, "Hey, me and some friends are caroling tonight. Are you interested?" He did the whole, "Ahhhh ehhhhh" thing trying to decide..and I said, "chyba tak?" (maybe yeah...?) in a funny voice...and he opened the door for us. CUD (miracle!). People are way more willing to hear about Christ during Christmas...I love it. 

alma 32:21
stay rad, ya'll. 
xoxo, siostra talia beem

-you know your comp is from idaho when she gives up her seat for the potatoes
-mama mel sent some ctr rings...bart loves his!! as does our cute little investigator, ola. 
-gingerbread houses with my favorite people EVER. 

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