Monday, January 2, 2017

19. Week 19 (10th week in Warsaw): Blackout Year

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! Happy New Year!
I have officially started my "Black Out Year"...or my one full calendar year as a missionary!

Gunshots or Fireworks:
Happy New Year! We had to be inside by 20:00, and President said that we could stay up until midnight if we wanted to, so that gave us 4 hours to kill. So, our New Year's Eve night went a little like this.....

1. Bart, our recent convert, was in charge of the New Years Eve party for the Warsaw 1 and 2 branches. We got permission to go check it out for a little bit. I was thinking it was going to be like Apples to Apples in the Relief Society room or something. Maybe with a bowl of pretzels. But holy moly. I was so wrong. Imagine a stake dance. Now imagine a stake dance for 28-88 year olds. Now imagine no one dancing. Now imagine 12 missionaries feeling really awkward. Now imagine the 12 missionaries playing the "don't touch the ground" game with a balloon. Now imagine an 80 year old grandma full-on singing opera  in the corner. That was just the beginning of the night. 
2. After getting home at 20, we decided to order some pizza. Fun fact: A dec. Large Hawaiian pizza and a 2-liter comes out to about $9 USD. Gotta love Poland. 
3. Don't really know how it happened, but we started making up a rap about the Restoration 
4. Sister D serenaded me with her lovely guitar skills
5. We then partied on our balcony until the clock hit 12...where we toasted the new year with some Orangina....wouldn't want to start my new year with anyone else but sister D!

The New Year's party church:
Well, the party didn't stop New Year's Eve! We had 4 investigators at church Sunday At 10:00 am. 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cue the happy tears. 

Caroling our little hearts away:
In Poland, you can carol until Jan. 7th! So we try and carol for about 2 1/2 hours every night. I'm for sure the worst one singing-wise in the group....but all is is going to be sad saying "bye" to caroling this week. Remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer (or Holiday cheer?) is singing loud for all to hear!

The New Year brings new beginnings! I know everyone's goal is to join a gym and get swole, but also think about ways you can come closer to Christ and follow His example! 

Siostra Beem

ul. Wiertnieza 135, 1 Pietro
02-952 Warszawa Poland

More Christmas lights in Warsaw...

The buying of the Carp:  A Polish Christmas Tradition
Poles buy live carp and keep them in their bathtubs for days.  They end up showering with the fish and then fill the tub with fresh water after the shower.
The tradition came to Poland about a hundred years ago from either Austria or Germany.
Carp, supposedly, bring luck. Fish is a must have dish. Fish is also an ancient symbol of Christ and Christianity.

Another baptism for Warsaw II.  President Turek (3rd from the right) is Talia's mission President.

The famous Diva Hat...

Because Talia is in Warsaw they get to meet all of the new missionaries coming in.
Talia said they all looked SOOOO tired.  

The only two Sister Missionaries in all of Warsaw now...they are BUSY!!!

Warsaw getting ready for the New Year's Eve festivities.

Happy New Year 2017

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