Monday, December 12, 2016

15. Week 15 (6th week in Warsaw): "Are you still..."

Cześć Wam!

"Are you still...praising Jesus?":
This week, while contacting, a lady came up to Elder Barlow and Haskett and Sister D and I and said, in English, "Elders and Sisters! I can call you that, right? Hello! Are you guys still praising Jesus? (this made us all die laughing) I met with some sisters a year ago...Anyways, I love Mormons. Have a good night!"...Sister D and I were not about to let this lady walk away. We were like, "Would you be interested in meeting with us again?". She was like, "Of course. Can I give you my number?"...Um obviously. This lady is straight heaven sent! We can't wait to meet with her this week.

We were supposed to go to Łódź this week for exchanges, but Monday night we got a call from Sister Kamp and Van saying that they were coming to Warsaw instead...because....bed bugs! As excited as Sister D and I were, we really didn't want them to bring bed bugs with them :) So they went shopping and brought only new things that hadn't been in their apartment yet. So, all was well. They are sweethearts and we had so much fun together! It is always fun to teach and contact with different missionaries (even though sister D is the best of the best)! 

Walking in a Winter Wonderland:
Well, it dumped snow this week. But thank goodness for a triple insulated I right? 
Instead of walking to skate! Or at least that is what it feels like. But we are loving it. I've only fallen twice. 
Impromptu Relief Society lesson:
We found out we were teaching relief society right before sacrament started yesterday (also...I had to translate the lesson from Polish to English...eeeeep)! So, we decided to pick a talk from the April 2016 general conference. We picked "A Pattern For Peace" by W. Christopher Waddell. My favorite part? 
"The peace we all seek requires more than a desire. It requires us to act—by learning of Him, by listening to His words, and by walking with Him. We may not have the ability to control all that happens around us, but we can control how we apply the pattern for peace that the Lord has provided—a pattern that makes it easy to think often about Jesus."

I encourage you all to read this talk. It is something I can't seem to get off my mind! The holiday season is a wonderful time to start learning more of Him, listening more to His words, and walking more with Him (through things like the 25 days of service!!!!).

i love you and i like you all!

xoxo, siostra talia beem

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