Saturday, October 22, 2016

9. Week 9 MTC: We're Soarin', Flyin'

Cześć Wam!

42 hours from RIGHT NOW...we leave the motherland:
....but who's counting? 42 hours from right now, all 10 of us Polski's will be heading to the airport to start our journey in Poland. I can't wait to share the gospel with the Poles! I already love them so much. In class this week, we focused a lot on Polish history and culture. They are a resilient and mighty people! It is an honor to serve them. 
Side note: I'm going to miss the Starszy's so much :( Cue the tears. 

My "moment":
In our final class with Siostra Cheney (one of our teachers) last night, she told us that there are going to be times on the mission when we will seriously want to come home. Things will get too hard. But then she told us to think of a moment that we KNEW that we should go on a mission or that Poland was where we were supposed to go and refer to those moments when times get hard. That moment for me was opening my mission call and reading the words "Poland Warsaw". That is going to be my moment! That was the most content feeling I have ever felt. 

BYU Police: 
Australian Handball has been a Branch 12 tradition since before we even got here. While we were playing yesterday, a BYU "police officer" (I don't actually know if they're actually Police or like rent-a-cops....anyways) rolled up in a golf cart and told us that we couldn't play it outside anymore? And then he asked for our district number and told us he had to report us for "outside horseplay"...I'm just trying to exercise and not gain weight, officer, that's all. 

I read a talk by Carol McConkie this week that has impacted me a bunch! She said, "Prayer is a gift from God...our prayers become a lifeline of love and tender mercy... We need never feel lost or alone. I testify that every moment of precious prayer can be holy time spent with our Father". Prayer is a conversation with our Father! He is literally our Father in Heaven. Just like how our earthly fathers want to know how we're doing and feeling, so does He. He WANTS to talk to us and bless us. He WANTS to hear about our day and all the little things in with him! He listens. 

Here we go.....let the adventure begin!! 

Pa Pa! Love and miss you all!​​
Siostra Beem <3

"So photogenic"

"Our zone before the Croatians and Slovene's left (it's about half the size now).  Rassy and I always #BlessingUp"

Sestra Hall and Sestra Kane

"Elder Bertolli and I (from the Wilsonville Ward back home!)"

"Can you tell we love Fall?"

"We tried to make this the most uncomfortable pic ever.  Also, Starsi Hanks is on the cover of the New Era this month...check it out!"

"Pa-pa Sister Cheney"

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"Pa-pa Brat Smalley!  Thanks for the all the times I had a mental breakdown in front of you!!"

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