Saturday, October 8, 2016

7. Week 7 MTC: Old People Jello

Cześć wam! 

Week 7 was a crazy one: crazy good, crazy bad, crazy happy, and crazy sad. 

President Wiseman:
On Thursday morning, our whole zone got called out of class for an emergency meeting with our first councilor in our branch presidency. He, with a saddened voice, explained that earlier that morning, our branch president (President Wiseman) had passed away. We were all devastated and shocked. Our branch presidency is our family away from home here at the MTC. We were all crying and then we realized, "This isn't what President Wiseman would want!! He'd want us to get back to work!!" So we did. But first, we made a list of four things we were going to do to honor him throughout our missions. 
1. Strict Obedience--be punctual!
2. Love others-- support, uplift, and respect everyone. 
3. Enjoy the little things--Find God's had in our lives and BE GRATEFUL for all we have. Stop to smell the roses. Be positive. 
4. Be humble and have humility--Daily repentance. How can I change and be better each and every day? 
All of the above goals were things that President Wiseman did everyday. He was the best and he will surely be missed by all he interacted with. My testimony of the Plan of Salvation has grown so much the past couple of months. It truly is a plan of happiness! We know where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going! How special? I can't wait to share that with the Poles! This is the sole reason that I am okay being away from my family for so long--so that others can be with theirs for eternity! 

Old People Jello:
At dinner the other night, Starszy Barlow sat next to me and was trying to describe what his dessert was,"You's like that old people Jello"....I was like, "Tapioca?"...and he said,"YES!". Oh, Barlow. 

Moving Day!!! Again!!!!:
Remember how we had to move out of 17M because of the bats about a month and a half ago? Well, this morning, we GOT (I'm working on my attitude, guys) the opportunity to move back. With 2 weeks left! But hey, we get good showers again.... so I'm a happy camper. AAAAND all of the Elders in our zone helped us move bright and early this morning--how nice! (pic of rassy and barlow helping below). 

Piano Time:
I used to go to choir. And then I realized I can't sing or harmonize or any of that stuff. So I stopped going. So now, during choir times, some of us go and sit in a room and listen to St. Stokes and Rassy play the piano. I think I fall asleep 9/10 times because it's so beautiful. And I'm always tired. Buuuut boy, do we have a talented district! I love them. 

Skype TRC:
I'm sorry, I honestly don't know what TRC stands for. But this week, we got to skype natives and teach them a lesson! Scary stuff. And jeez louise!.... they speak FAST and with HEAVY accents. 
The real deal is coming soon--16 days!!! (But who's counting? ME!!!). I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pa Pa! Love and miss you all!
Siostra Beem <3

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