Saturday, September 24, 2016

5. Week 5 MTC: Barbershop Quartet

What. A. Week. 

Happy Tears:
If any of you really know me, you know that the second I start REALLY laughing, the tears start streaming. And boy did that happen Tuesday night. During our nightly planning session, St. Theriault, Barlow, Rassy, and Adriano decided they would harmonize and sing the Polish phrase "oh jeku" (oh crap). It sounds really immature and believe me, it was, but it was so funny. They spent 45 minutes trying to sync up and hit perfect pitch (or whatever that means--that's probably why I didn't get invited to be a part of the General Conference choir). Oh, and they added choreography. I was in charge of filming, and 9/10 times we couldn't get through the first 2 seconds because one of us would start cracking up. The Elders sure know how to brighten my day. (Videos​​ attached--of both the real deal and a mess up). 

OH, we're halfway there!!!!!
Not that anyone is counting or anything, but we hit our halfway mark in the MTC today. Also, we found out that we are leaving a WHOLE DAY EARLIER. October 24, baby! Lesss go! 

Devotional Notes:
Kathy Clayton (L.Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy's wife):
4 suggestions for maximizing moments and miracles:
1, Note the miracles--see and notice everything from the sunsets to the changed hearts of those we teach. 
2, Trust Heaven
3, Be Patient--Heavenly Work takes time! Angels are surrounding us. 
4, Live with Love--
Starszy Dickson said the following in district review, "When you love others, you become happy". So true! What a good kid. 

L. Whitney Clayton:
-The world needs our work now more than ever before.
-proclaim & declare 
-EVERYONE is in the predicament on whether to believe or not to believe.
-pray to see the tender mercies of the Lord.

Favorite Quote of the Week:
"Earth is crammed with Heaven"

Something that was on my mind all week: 
Psalms 23
In the beginning, David's life is going pretty well. He refers to the Lord as "He",etc. Then, in verse 4, as he 'walks through the valley of the shadow of death", (life isn't going so well now) his language changes. He goes from referring to the Lord as "He" to "Thou". His language changed as he needed the Lord. 
I've needed the Lord more now than ever in my life. My relationship with Him has changed. I challenge you to ponder your relationship with Him!

Direct Polish Translations: 
This week, we learned that in the song "Come, Come Ye Saints"... the part where it goes "All is well, All is well" translates to: "It's not that bad, It's not that bad". Hahaha. Also, one of our favorite past times is looking up Polish idioms...if you have a chance, you should definitely take a look at them. 

-Snow capped mountains (photo attached)
-3rd place in handball again ("good for a girl", again)
-cereal, salad, soup, repeat. 

Love & miss you all :)

Pa Pa! (Bye-Bye!)

Siostra Beem <3

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Siostra's Beem, Rawson, Larsen, Starszy Theriault

With Sister Rawson

I think Utah skipped Fall this year.

YAY..halfway there!

Portland Polish Festival t-shirts--they even glow in the dark!

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