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4. Week 4 MTC: Living the Dream

Czesc!! Jak sie masz? (Hello!  How are you!?)

The events of this week:
1. Missy 
My cute roommate from school, Missy, came into the MTC this week. She is going to the Tacoma, WA mission. I saw her about 10 minutes after she got dropped off--I think I was crying more than she was! (photo below). 

2. 3 apostles in 1 week? I must be dreaming. 
In the past week(ish)...we've had D. Todd Christofferson, M. Russell Ballard, and Quentin L. Cook come and speak. What a treat that was!
Here's some of my takeaways:
M. Russell Ballard: 
-Enthusiastically start our day--we are witnesses & we testify! It's contagious. 
-We, missionaries, are standing IN for the Lord. 
-It is what people FEEL at the beginning stages of activation or teaching....they sense we have something special (and we do!). 
-"I would be dynamite if I went back in time and re-served my mission"--it was so funny to hear an apostle to say a not-so-humble statement. Haha. He said the way he would've changed would be to: Smile, Radiate, Think, and Know more. 
-Throughout your life, you come to know the Lord. But more importantly, throughout your life, the Lord comes to know you. 
-This is the beginning of a lifetime of service. 
Quentin L. Cook:
"The 4 Love's":
1.Love your companion(s): "How can we, in unity, take this gospel to the world?"
2. Love the people: & respect them, their culture, and their traditions. 
3. Love your mission president: Quentin L. Cook was talking about the inspiration he gets when assigning mission calls...he said that an assignment basis often pertains to mission presidents, more than the people. 
4. Love the Lord: "The Atonement is best written about in Preach My Gospel than any other book out there". 
-The Savior's Atonement makes up for all the "unfairs" in life. 
-Chapter 3 of PMG contains ALL of the doctrines in this dispensation. 
-Gordon B. Hinkley designed PMG so it couldn't be memorized--we are supposed to teach by the Spirit instead. 
- Chapter 3 of PMG was "written on both sides of the veil". How cool?
-Testify and Promise Blessings
-Can He TRUST us with spiritual experiences?

The Ending of Quentin L. Cook's testimony:
"I know His Face and I know His voice"--all of the MTC was freaking out when he said that. Gasps galore!  HOW AMAZING IS THAT? In district review that night (where we all come together and talk about the devotional), Brother Bradford, the First Councilor in our Branch Presidency, said "That was the most direct statement about the Lord I've ever heard from a prophet, or an apostle". 

3. The Polish:
This week, we started learning Polish cases...which statistically makes Polish one of the hardest languages in the world to learn. I can testify that that is true. Ahahah. But, Krok po kroku (step by step)'s coming along!

4. My Best Friends--Oops, I mean District. (The Office, pt. 2)
I am blessed here in the MTC. My District is the best. And since many asked, but few is our list of everyone in "The Office"...(The Elders picked who the Sisters were and the Sisters picked who the Elders were).
Michael Scott- Theriault. He's a leader. And he's hilarious. 
Dwight- Sassy Rassy. Whoops, I mean Starszy Rasmussen. For obvious reasons, he was chosen to be Dwight. He's got the sass. He's got the spunk. And he does the best Dwight imitation.
Oscar- Stokes. Not physically speaking...but definitely intellectually speaking. Stokes is a genius and has enough sass for us all. 
Jim- Barlow. He's outgoing and likes to joke with the rest of the Elders. 
Creed- Starszy Hansen: Best one liners out of anyone in the district. Starszy Hansen is pretty quiet...but man is he funny. 
Andy- Adriano. This is probably the most accurate match. Adriano never stops singing (we're trying to move him towards hymns...but he's still stuck on Bruno Mars and such). He is loud and fun. 
Darrell- Dickson. Talk about an all around funny guy--and loved by the entire zone.
Pam -me. I like keepin' the gang organized. 
Kelly- Sis Larson. She LOVES to talk...thus, making her Kelly :)
Phyllis- Sis Rawson. Not physically speaking either...because I'm pretty sure I could fit 6 Sister Rawson's into one Phyllis...but she is funny and speaks her mind (in the most loving way!). 

5. Favorite quote of the week:
Brother Eggett (our MTC choir director) shared this quote before the Tuesday devotional (I can't stop thinking about it): "The Lord doesn't protect your from pain, he perfects you through it"

6. Favorite moment of the week:
Starszy Hansen was studying in the hallway and asked if Starszy Stokes would throw him his Polish dictionary. Starszy Stokes grabbed it, stood up, ...and then CHUCKED IT out the door. Like you know those things that calculate how fast baseballs are pitched? If we had one, it would've easily been 100mph. I've never seen Starszy Rasmussen laugh so hard. Everyone was dying...because it was so not like our usual, timid Stokes! 

Have an amazing week!
Remember who you are and what you stand for :)
Siostra Beem <3

Write me or "dearelder" me! 
Sister Talia Murphy Beem
2005 N 900 E Unit  45
Provo UT 84604

Temple Pics... (Beem, Rawson, Stokes, Adriano, Hansen, Larson)

"My Best Friends--Oops, I mean District" (plus one)

Sweater Wednesday!
The gray sweater club (Rasmussen, Stokes, Theriault, Barlow, Beem)

Sister Parker and Sister Beem (Tal's freshman year roomie)

Our Thai and Marshallese friends:)  
They left this week and are serving in Perth and Brisbane.

The Elders in Tal's zone (all are going to Eastern Europe)

Sister Beem and Rawson at Provo temple

Studying Polish...

Starszy's Barlow, Hansen and Stokes

I think it's casual Friday at the MTC--(haha)
Starszy's Rasmussen, Theriault, Adriano & Dickson

TRC (Teaching Resource Center) at the MTC
This picture includes recently returned Poland missionaries and the
current group going out.  

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