Saturday, September 10, 2016

3. Week 3 MTC: The Office


So... you know how I was so grateful last week that we didn't have to move apartments? Literally 20 minutes after I got off of email, we had to move because of the stinkin' bats! It was more of a preventative measure no rabies shots :) 
This email might seem like it's a little everywhere...and that was just the nature of this week, so I apologize!
On Sunday, I was super sick. I blame Elder Barlow. He started the sickness among District 12 (that sounds like a Hunger Games reference, but I promise it's not). 
On Monday, the Czechs and the Slovaks left. It was the saddest thing ever. They are all so sweet. We had 14 sisters in our zone, and now we only have 6. And it'll be that way for at least another 3-6 weeks. One of the Czech Elders is visa waiting in Salem, OR. So if any of you see an Elder Plewe, say "Hi!" :) 
On Wednesday, we got new missionaries in our zone! And we got to host. It was so fun. I'm a Sister Training Leader now, so I got to spend a good part of the day with the new members of our zone. They are already a great addition to our little family. 3 of them are going to the Adriatic North mission, speaking Czech. One is going to the Adriatic North mission speaking Slovak, and the last one is going to Macedonia​​​​ speaking Bulgarian. 

Some other fun things this week:
1. Elder Barlow and I analyzed everyone and profiled them as characters in "The Office". Everyone in our district fits someone perfectly. It was a good time. 
2. Aussie Handball. If you don't know how to play, learn. It's a grand ole time. There's something about me and P.E. games. Towards the end of our exercise time, we have zone-wide elimination round. And I got third place. Which, "for a girl" (rude, elders), was pretty decent. 
3. We had Chick-fil-a this week. Tender mercy indeed. 
4. I was given a Ralph Lauren pillow by one of the Czech sisters (Sestra Brown) before she left. That thing is gold. During our move, we were without pillows for 3 nights. I am eternally grateful for that Sister and her pillow. 
5. Sister Redding. She is our second councilor's wife. She is my bff here at the MTC. She is my mom away from home. I adore her and her bear hugs :)
6. The Elders call each other names. Not bad names. Just names. For instance, Starszy Adriano calls Starszy Rasmussen "his little cucumber" (in polish). It's the funniest thing ever.
7. My homegirl Missy comes to the MTC this week. I can't wait. 
8. My favorite Polish word of the week: "nadzieja" = hope. But it really is just fun to say. Also, I challenge all of you to learn the word "Atonement" in Polish (use google translate). It's a favorite around here.

Spiritual thoughts of the week:

During our mission conference on Sunday, the Norby's spoke. The Norby's were the senior missionary couple that survived the Brussel's airport terrorist attacks. They bore their testimonies on submitting our wills to His--whatever the outcome of that trial was going to be, they were going to accept it. They had so much faith and love for the Savior. They are amazing people!
On Tuesday, D. Todd Christofferson came and spoke. It was truly life changing. He talked about how God needs to be able to TRUST US. He also talked about Repentance and how it connects to EVERYTHING in the gospel and what we teach as missionaries. It is truly a blessing and special witness to hear an apostle of the Lord speak and bear testimony of the Savior and his work. 

My girl, Ally Starke said it best this week: "...I really do loving wearing this name tag everyday. It's funny how something like a black piece of plastic can set you apart from the world in such a magnificent way."
The church is true!
Have an amazing week! Thank you for all of your letters and emails...they brighten my days!
<3 Siostra Beem

Write me or "dearelder" me! 
Sister Talia Murphy Beem
2005 N 900 E Unit  45
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Countdown to Poland!

Packing up and moving from the bats!

50 days!

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