Sunday, September 4, 2016

2. Week 2 MTC: "MT.....Cheese!"

Everyone was right, "make it to Sunday"! This week FLEW. The days are looooong, but the weeks are short! I don't have much time to write, but here's a quick summary of the week:

On Wednesday, all the sisters in the entire MTC were urgently called down to the gym for an "emergency meeting". We all thought it was going to be about dress code or something, but then President Burgess (MTC Presdient) got up and said, "So sisters, we have a bit of an issue. Around this time of year, bats like to make their way into the residence halls during their migrations. If you are on the 3,4,5 floor of 17M, you must permanently move all your stuff to 13 M in the next 3 hours". I LIVE IN 17M. AMONG THE BATS. But I live on the second floor, so we're good...count your blessings. Everyone on those floors had to get rabies shots (aka my worst nightmare). A sister on the fourth floor told me she woke up in the middle of the night and there was a bat ON HER NECK. Goodness, I just about died when she told me that. 
On Thursday, Siostra Larsen went up to Salt Lake to film a mormon message on family history work. She could only take one companion, so Siostra Rawson went with her..which meant...I was a solo sister for a day! It was fun being with the Elders all day. They really are the best. My day with them was filled with lots of laughter and mildly inappropriate jokes. 
The Elders for some reason like having themed days. For instance, they have "Blue Tie Tuesday" and "Sweater Wednesday". It was 97 degrees on Wednesday this week, but that didn't stop them from wearing their sweaters! Starszy Dickson wore a nice, red sweater but Starszy Rasmussen kept calling him "Mr. Rodgers" ALL I don't think he'll be wearing that one anymore. Hhaha. 
Richard J Maynes came and spoke at our devotional on Tuesday. It was incredible. Before he came and spoke to us, he asked if we would read his talk titled, "Truth Restored"... I would encourage all of you to read it! He talked about the importance of missionary work and using the Book of Mormon to teach the gospel. He went in depth on all the different accounts of the First Vision. He is a remarkable speaker! He told us to talk to EVERYONE and to "be sweetly bold". Sister Maynes quickly talked after him and she told us her conversion story. She said that, "There are so many people out there who are searching for something MORE, or just something in GENERAL. You're going to your specific missions to find those people and fill their hearts with the gospel" I loved that! I know that people are being prepared for me and for the gospel and I can't wait to share it with them! 

​​​​​​​​​​The language is slowly but surely coming along! It is super hard, but I know if I put in the work, the Lord will help me with the rest. 
The Czech and Slovak's are leaving Monday...which means half of our zone is leaving us :( We don't get new Czech's until next Wednesday, so the floor of our classroom building will be nice and quiet for a week or so. 
I love you all...have an amazing week :)
<3 Siostra Beem

Talia's MTC District
Starszy's (left to right):
Dickson, Adriano, Rasmussen, Theriault, Barlow, Stokes, Hansen
Siostra's:  Beem, Larsen, Rawson

A close up of Tal's missionary tag!

    It's been a long day...

Polish scriptures

Sweater Wednesday
(97 degrees outside in Provo)

Class time...


I have no idea what this says...but Polish
looks and sounds amazing.  

A full temple shot with the district.

 A temple selfie...

 Maybe they have a plaid tie day also???

The chalkboard...
"Don't conjugate the 2nd verb"

The MTC laundry room...

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