Monday, February 20, 2017

26: Week 26 (17th week in Warsaw): Hello, Princess

Ukranian Pioneer:
Yesterday in Relief Society, everyone had the opprotunity to share their conversion stories. This one particular Ukranian sister's story really hit me. She said that in 1998 (she was 18 then), on a warm Saturday morning, she was walking through an outdoor market with her boyfriend and saw missionaries with a table and whiteboard across the street. She said her heart just "fluttered"....but then got carried away with other things in the moment and didn't have the opprotunity to go over to the table. She went home that night, after spending the day with her boyfriend, and couldn't seem to escape that feeling. She decided that she was going to go back the next day to see if they were there with their table again. But this time: no table. She was heartbroken (although she now understands why....they were at church, of course!). Time passed...but she always kept thinking about those missionaries. 2 weeks later, her and her boyfriend were at the market again...and so were the missionaries! She was nervous to talk to them (especially because her boyfriend was a Seventh Day Adventist)...and wanted them to approach her (but they were busy talking to other people) she wrote down the chapel address that was on the whiteboard and went on her way. She showed up to church the next Sunday with over 70 questions written down for the missionaries (missionary jackpot!!). In that part of Ukraine at the time, there were only 7 members. Within a month, ALL of her questions were answered and she was baptized. She said that the church MADE SENSE to her. Her questions were answered. She felt DIFFERENT (constant companionship of the Holy Ghost). She served a mission exactly a year from her baptism date...and that is where she met her husband. They now have 5 kids. She went on about all the blessings she has recieved since being a member of this church. 

Now, from a missionary perspective...this hit me hard. It made me think how many people look at our table, or our whiteboards and on the inside are screaming, "talk to me, talk to me!". There are prepared people all around--we, as missionaries (and members!)...just have to do our part and OPEN our mouths. Don't be afraid...don't be ashamed.

Legia Warsaw:
...aka the soccer team here in Warsaw. 
Yesterday, our district was handing out flyers for our free English class. 
Yesterday was also game day. 
Game days are  nuts. 
Elder Barlow and I handed some flyers to 3 crazy (drunk) fans who started talking to us.They had so many questions about America, Trump, American soccer, our missions, California, Disneyland, fat people, and the Statue of Liberty. You know, the usual things that get brought up when they hear your accent.
I don't know how much of the conversation they'll remember, but I sent them off with a plan of salvation we'll see what happens. 
Go Legia! 

-Sister D and I got offered a pet hampster by a lady we teach English to. 
-We had dinner with the coolest American family last night. They have an almost 2 year old daughter who is the cutest thing in the entire world. I came in the dining room from the kitchen last night, and the little girl looked at me and said, "Well, hello princess!". It made my heart smile. She then proceeded to cover me in stickers. 

My challenge to you: use technology to share the gospel at least once this week. Share a picture, post a quote, send a text with a link to your favorite talk, retweet from an apostle, etc. :) 

I hit my 6 months on Friday! Where is the pause button? Transfers are next week--we'll see what happens. I don't want to leave Warsaw...and I especially don't want to leave Sister DeMordaunt...but I know that He has a plan...and I need to learn to trust it a little bit more. 

So, see you in a year. Love you all.
siostra talia beem

Happy Polska Valentine's Day!

It looks like 4 out of the 10 MTC District is back together...

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