Monday, February 20, 2017

25: Week 25 (16th week in Warsaw): Chrzest, Chrzest Kochanie

Cześć Wam! Not a whole lot of time to email today (we're going to the zoo :) :) :) :) ) ...but here we go!!

Through the....:
..."seven layers of the candy cane forest and through the sea of whirly, twirly gumdrops"....we made it to Siostra Dyba's home. We had the opportunity of visiting a cute little member on Saturday. She often says that the journey from her home to our chapel is about two hours. Boy, was she right. We took a train for about 30 minutes and then trudged through snowy, Polish countryside for the other hour and a half. SHE DOES THIS EVERY WEEK. She doesn't have a car! Her dedication amazes me. Polish members are so solid. 

Moving Our Way Up:
Yesterday, we moved our way up to Young Womens. Sister D taught about the Plan of Salvation and I translated. We talked about the three main questions in life: Why are we here? Where are we going? And where did we come from? We had a really good discussion and talked about how personal His plan can be. Here is the link to a video that really hit me with the feels: 

"Talent" show:
Honestly, I wouldn't say rapping is my talent...or Sister D's...but we went for it and did a hybrid Polish/English rap about the Restoration:

Alright, stop, collaborate and listen. 
We are the Poland Warsaw mission. 
Jesteśmy powołanie żeby głosić
O nasze przysłanie możesz prosić
Who would ever deny? Yo, I don't know
Let's start at Lesson 1...Yeah, Let's go
Bóg jest naszym Ojcem Niebieskim
i my jesteśmy jego dziećmi
Like the prophets of old, sometimes people didn't do what they were told
Niestety się stało
aż Józef Smith zapytał dlaczego? 
God and Jesus
się ukazali 
We've got the Book of Mormon 
słowa moroniego mówili
You can pray to know that it is true, and when you do, this will all lead to:
Chrzest, Chrzest Kochanie (do do do do do do *to prawda*)x4 
Say nice words to yo mothers. 

So yeah. Maybe I'll get the guts to attach the video next week. Maybe.
Fun fact: "Chrzest, Chrzest Kochanie" means "Baptism, Baptism, Darling". 

happy valentine's day. remember who loves you most (Heavenly Father)! and second most (me)!
siostra talia beem

Snowy Warsaw.  Hading out cards with Stalin's Tower in the background.  

Finding activities with "Polska Idol" advertisement in the background.

"I know this street says "dulag"...but it sounded like "duloc" from
Shrek so I had to take a picture."

The Polish countryside.

Metro selfies!

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