Thursday, January 26, 2017

22: Week 22 (13th week in Warsaw): Boom Clap

This has been quite possibly my favorite week of my mission. And honestly, probably, my whole life. Here's why:

Funky Town...Łódź:
Sister DeMordaunt and I went on exchanges in Łódź this week. I finally got to go on a train! Now, for some reason, Łódź gets a bad rep for being "ugly" and "dirty". Whoever said any of that is a big, fat liar. It was so cute and quaint! All of the missionaries in Łódź are was so fun to contact and teach with all of them (even if it was freeeeeeeeezing outside!). While there, we taught an English class, Sister Van and I went and taught a less active, and we had a big finding activity! Good times. And.... I ate "mexican food"...aka a 2/10 burrito. But, it was still mexican food. Count your blessings. 

When you go to teach someone and they teach you (WAY) more:
There is a member from the South that has been (REALLY) sick for months. She got so sick (can barely breathe from severe bronchitis and other complications), that she had to be brought up to Warsaw for several intensive surgeries and better care. Sister DeMordaunt and I went and visited her in the hospital on Wednesday. While we were there, we talked about JOY and read her a talk from this past conference ( She was so happy the whole time...seriously, she was so, so smiley. We asked her why/ how she could be so happy during this horrible time. Here's what she said {paraphrased}: "Today is the first day in months that I have been able to breathe on my own. Today is the first day in months that I have eaten solid food. Today is the first day in months that I have stood up. Today is the first day in months that I've been able to talk. Doctors are starting to figure out what is wrong with me. I am able to understand the care I am getting (she speaks English and doesn't know any Polish). You want to know why all these good things are now happening? Because I am feeding myself spiritually and not asking "why me" anymore. I started reading the Book of Mormon again. Missionaries are visiting me! If I focus on God, I know He will help me...I just need to trust Him and His plan. I am allowing the Atonement to work more in my life--for ALL of my pains. There is no coincedence that all this good is happening right when I was well enough to feed myself spiritually again. It doesn't mean that the road is easy, or will be easy, or will be shorter...but I know that I can rely on God and submit my will to His. I have a lot to be grateful for." Okay paraphrase over. The tears can begin. IS SHE INCREDIBLE OR WHAT? Sister D and I literally walked out of the hospital sobbing because she is so strong and happy. We can't wait to keep meeting with her through her journey and recovery. 

*Points to Americans*...Christopher Columbus! *Jumps off the Stage*...Miley Cyrus!
We had a Relief Society activity with the Warsaw 1 and 2 sisters on Saturday. We are so excited to merge branches in a few weeks! We had so much fun and SUCH a good turn out (around 25 sisters...wahoo!). We ate chocolate, mingled around, and played charades. That's where the Christopher Columbus and Miley Cyrus caption comes into play. It was a Polish sister's turn to act out. After she paused for a second to decide how to act her slip of paper out, she just stood and pointed to the American sisters. No one really knew what she was hinting at, so we all just waited for the time to run out. She then was like, "Um, duh. Christopher Columbus. The guy who discovered YOUR land". It was so funny. Sister Chadwick (American) was up next. She kept swinging off of the we were all like, "Monkey! Tarzan!....etc etc etc"....nope. What was she acting out? Miley Cyrus. On a wrecking ball. We all died. 

-My theme for the week (for obvious reasons): "When the focus of our lives is on Jesus Christ and His gospel, we can feel joy regardless of what is happening--or not happening--in our lives". -Russell M. Nelson
-I think we are officially just down to "2-pair of tights" weather :)
​​​​​​​​​​​​-I hit 5 months this week. AH! Where is the pause button??

have a great week! kocham was!
siostra talia beem

ul. Wiertnieza 135, 1 Pietro
02-952 Warszawa Poland

PICS: my district (bez sister d) and a weird....? on the patelnia, sister d selfies (what's new), exchanges in lodz, and the cutest watercolor my cousin made me (@watercolorsbyhannahlaine)! 

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