Thursday, January 26, 2017

20. Week 20 (11th week in Warsaw): Spiritual three's


All Good Things Must Come To An End:
I'm talking about caroling, folks. Buuuut, we ended caroling on a good note. We buzzed into a building and the first person we phoned to let us in! We knocked on the door and a college-aged boy in skinny joggers and an ultra- Euro jacket answered. I thought we just walked into frat house central. Boy, was I wrong. He let us in and sat us down with his cute parents. We talked about the church, mission life, our plans after the mish, etc for about an hour. It was good to just talk about life with that show them that Mormons are NORMAL people. We left them with a song and a card--we'll see what happens! 

The Name We Can't Pronounce (and the miracle that followed): 
Our mission's new focus is on family history. Sister D and I were a little hesitant to family history contact the other day because we had straight no idea how to contact people about But we decided to give it a go! We started talking to a guy named Jenosam. He is from India, but he is studying here in Warsaw. He was very interested in family history work and starting his family tree. We met with him on Friday, and we made small talk while he was making his *free* (you all should do it!!) account. He said that he actually met with missionaries once in India, for about 15 minutes and that they gave him a Book of Mormon (miracle). We started asking him about the Book of Mormon and if he would be interested to meet with us not only for family history help, but for learning more about our religion as well. He said, "Of Course. Also, right after I met you, I called my sister in India and told her to mail my copy of the Book of Mormon to me"... but wait, it gets better. We invited him to church and we asked if he had ever been to an LDS church before. He said, "Yes, once....something was different there. It felt so good! I don't even know how to describe it though"...UM I DO. Holy Ghost. He was a blessing to us...we can't wait to continue working with him and see him progress (both in family history work and in the gospel)! 
Also, cue the "Miracles Happen" song from Princess Diaries. 

-Wise words from my brother Logan (in his email to me this week), "My city league team lost for the third time this week but it was really funny! Your boy dropped a three like steph curry so that was pretty dope to the max.!!!! It hit the net perfectly and just made that sound that makes you get that satisfying feeling! Anyways, have you been dropping some spiritual three's on anyone this week????"--Just thought it was cute. I guess I'll call a good contact a "spiritual three" now :) 
-I'm averaging 4 pairs of tights a day, 3 pair of socks a day, a pair of niiice gloves (with hand warmers inside), a hat, 5 layers up top, a know, the necessities. 
-I think I drank half of my body weight in hot cocoa this week
-It got to -20 yesterday (-4F)
-Just to give you a quick glimpse of how cold it is: Sister D and I boiled water and then immediately chucked it off our immediately turned into snow on the way down. 
-KFC is bomb here. #QuirritoGrande 

have a great week :)
Siostra Beem

ul. Wiertnieza 135, 1 Pietro
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