Thursday, November 17, 2016

12. Week 12 (3rd week in Warsaw): "That was cool"

Cześć Wam!
Heavenly Father opened the heavens and surrounded us with miracles this week! 

B got Baptized!!
Last week was NUTS preparing for B's baptism. We were baking goodies galore, making programs, etc. And then Saturday came. And everything fit perfectly into place. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful service. My favorite part? Right after B was baptized and exiting the font, he said, "That was cool"... he is so right...baptism and following the example of Jesus Christ IS cool. 

Our little teaching pool...dive in!:
Sister D and I are really blessed right now. We started teaching a cute little family this week. I'm excited to see where that goes! My first Friday in the country, Sister D and I also started teaching a lady (Jo) from our area book that had been taught back in 2004. Once we started teaching her again, she said that, "now is my time"...she committed to be baptized on Christmas Eve!! Ahh! We also just started teaching this young Ukranian lady (Ta). Here's where it gets interesting: She speaks Ukranian, Russian, and a tiiiiny bit of Polish. Sister D speaks Polish and English. I speak English and know a good 7 Polish phrases about the Restoration. How on earth were we going to teach this lesson? Sister Peresada!! She is a member in our branch who is Ukranian and knows like 400 languages. She was our golden ticket! We were laughing as we walked into this lesson because we had no idea what to prepare or what to we brought a Russian Book of Mormon, Ukranian pamphlets and a few Polish brochures....just to be safe. Our lesson went a little like this: Sister D would say something, I would testify, and then Sister P would translate it to her and then further explain it. Then, Sister P would take what Ta said and explain it back to us in English. There were straight 4 languages goin' on--by the end, I think all 4 of us had headaches :) It was a special lesson really showed me that the gospel is the same everywhere-- it doesn't matter what language you speak--the message is still the same! 

-Christmas is in full effect in our apartment! We bought a Christmas tree this morning! Although, when we brought it back to our apartment, we noticed there were no legs for the tree in the box (even though it said there were)? So we did what we do best. We improvised. We stuck the base of the tree in a mug and then tied a white and red dish rag around it to make it look classy. Is it really ghetto? Yes. Is it really festive, though? You betcha. Also, we bought stockings and wrapping paper. Everyone on the metro this morning looked at us like we were crazy carrying around all this Christmas decor. 4 words for those people: tis the season, baby!
-It snowed on November 9th. NOVEMBER 9TH. It's already winter, ya'll. It was -3 yesterday. 

Have a great week!! I love you all! Start thinking of how you will serve others this holiday season!

Siostra Beem <3
Poland Warsaw Mission
ul. Wiertnicza 135
02-952 Warszawa

B's baptism, 11/12/2016
B, DeMordaunt, Barlow, Beem, Haskett


Stadion Narodowy, Warsaw
Buying Lewandowski jersey's for the little brother's for Christmas:)

Mom note:  "What time is it in Poland?"  We say this all the time:)
A dear Missionary Mom friend made this for me and I love it!!!

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